The Arcade Barn.
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39 Marsh Green Road West
Exeter, Devon

Arcade Barn now closed

As of the 6th January 2012 the Arcade Barn has shut its doors permanently, it was a hard decision to make but sadly the massive costs involved in running the place and 50+ cabs has gotten too much.

We are keeping a few cabs and moving to a smaller unit but will not be open to the public anymore.

Thanks to everyone who supported us over the years and helped raise the £1,000's we donated to Children in Need each year.

Julian aka Dsyde has taken over from the Arcade Barn as the official Children in Need fund raiser, his arcade is fantastic and he often has open days for all to play, you can contact him via the Jammaplus forum - or his website

We have left an archive of pictures and videos from previous Arcade Barn meets and functions for your viewing pleasure, again we would like to thank everyone who supported us over the 5 years.

We are still on the lookout for arcade machines & retro home consoles/games so feel free to contact us (07970 250022 - Aran) if you have anything you want to sell.